Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day!

Today is my last day at work and I have that feeling like I am about to go on summer vacation. EXCITING! Just so one of my favorite coo-workers does not forget me, I left him this memento in blue ticky tack that I stole from his desk:
Did I tell you that Jeff is a big Red Sox fan? Yeah, I will miss our little rivalry.


Anonymous said...

:( I will not survive without you!! If you did anything to my desk I am going to egg your car

Nadja said...

All the more reason to send weird random things to them in the mail.

I hope your car wasn't turned into scrambled eggs.

Hurley said...

Are we all sure that it isn't called Sticky Tack? Although blue ticky tack probably would sell better. I'm jealous of your week off work.

A. said...

I went downtown last night for the Mud Hens game and couldn't believe the progress on the arena! I'm going to miss your bird's-eye view updates!