Monday, May 19, 2008

Gates or Jobs?

Do you have a MAC or a PC? I am about to purchase a laptop and and really am considering getting a MAC (I have always had a PC). Give me your opinions please, the longer-winded the better.


Hurley said...

I have a PC, but I've heard good things about a MAC. Only bad thing about a MAC for my biz-nass is that I need a different print driver (postscript,) to print to our copiers, and/or printers.

Trophy Life said...

Alright - my soapbox of the decade - everyone should strongly consider a MAC, for so many reason. granted, if you are really into work stuff and your profession inhibits you, well i get it....but....
i switched to Mac over 4 years ago. i have an ibook who will turn 4 and, if not for the FULL memory, it would still be running with ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS!!
i have a Dell for work (10 months old) and it already has little coughs and hiccups that would really piss me off had i bought it for myself.
a Mac is like a computer for dummies, really. everything is VERY easy to locate, the operating system is absolutely amazing and a Mac actually becomes a place for all your essentials - contacts, pictures, music, calendar (the list could go ON and ON). you don't have to deal with as many internet pop-ups nor do you have do worry about viruses.
when you buy a Mac, there is NOTHING to install...just open it up and voila! also, you could plug any device (printer, digital camera) in any location and you don't have to "install" it - it just works.
should i continue? : )
i just got one of my friends to switch and she cannot live without her Mac...and she was really intimidated about the whole thing.
you get WAY more use and money out of a Mac, in the long-run, than a PC (unless you totally luck out with your PC and barely use it EVER). Macs are built for the long-term and built to last.
Spend some time in an Apple store, and the will be able to show you around. And...if you live by an Apple store, they have free classes you can sign up for learn how to really maximize your use.
ok - i'm done, but COULD go on!

wrestling kitties said...

We have an older laptop that is a PC and we just ordered a new desktop computer and got a PC. I have also heard great things about a MAC, but I have always used a PC and I am comfortable with it. I actually love it. For what terry and I use our computer for there is really no need for a MAC.

Iris Took said...

TL - Thank you! Tell me, does MAC use Word or Excel? Or do they have their own programs that are compatible with PCs? I just can't remember.

Instant Karma said...

I have a macbook pro and LOVE it! It's about a year old now. At work we have Windows Vista and it is a giant pain in my ass. Every 10 minutes a virus scan comes up and interrupts your work and then forces you to restart your computer after a certain amount of time. Trophy Life is right about pressing the on button and you're ready to go. You can have your pictures, itunes, calendar, internet, and a dashboard with the weather and whatever else you'd like right at your fingertips. As far as Word and Excel, they do come with it, but just like Windows, you have to buy it after the trial has expired. I haven't bought mine yet since I have Word and Excel at home and work. Since I haven't loaded it, I can't always open attachements, etc, but one day I'll go ahead and buy them both. Overall, I love my macbook. You can also go to the mac cafe and play around on them and have one of the workers explain and teach things to you.

A. said...
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A. said...

I have a Mac at work and PCs at home. I think I want to keep it that way.

Except for a few years at my last job, I've always had a Mac at work (because of the design programs and capabilities) and I've never even considered switching over at home.

Right now might not be the best time for me to answer this question, though, because my work computer blows. It's a brand new, state-of-the-art, best-you-can-get Mac ... that crashes at least three times a week. (It crashed every day last week.)

My husband is a computer programmer so our PCs at home are probably better-than-average, but they never crash on me. And they do all I need them to do.

Trophy Life said...

A. - it's surprising to hear that your Mac crashes at work - i've never heard of this? and if your husband is a programmer, then i'm sure that your PC's are awesome.
it's whatever works for you, for sure.
it's probably "illegal" - but my friend had a copy of Microsoft Office that he installed on my Mac (word, excel, etc)...but 2 things i would suggest when purchasing a Mac - spend the $100 on the extended Apple warranty and I would spend the money to have Microsoft Word (which eliminates virtually any compatibility issues)

I know Two Pretzels and Quiet Oasis are Mac users as well, i'm sure they'll have their 2 cents.

Unco C said...

I bought my Mac Book 2 years ago and never plan on going back to the PC world. I had a PC laptop for work and it constantly had problems.

Everything about a Mac is made to be simple and easy to use. When I first got mine I did have trouble figuring everything out but that's only because I was over-thinking everything.

Occasionally you'll find something that isn't compatible with a Mac but more and more companies are making their software compatible.

I would recommend that you install Microsoft Office.

K has successfully turned everyone she knows into a Mac user.

I'm sure she'll give a persuading argument on way to go with Mac.

Hurley said...

I know that no one has ever said "oh, I can't do that, because i have a PC," but I hear that about MAC's all the time.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Unco C and Trophy Life have spoken my peace.

At this point, these fingers will never type on a PC again. I'm happier with a mac and it's happier with me.

(NOTE: I'm a happy MacWorld subscriber and look forward to it monthly.)

They're superior, easy as that.

They're intuitive - they truly are. And it takes a small transitional/adjustment period to become accustomed to it, but that lasts for SUCH a short time.(Really, there are thousands of ways to do one action on a mac, as opposed to just a few on a PC. It allows the user to truly customize the experience.)

As far as Microsoft Office goes, buy the student version. It's the one program you'll have to install. (It's easy.) I think it's something like $179. Well worth it.

More mac attributes:
• They're built for multi-tasking.
• They find a wireless signal in a flash. And BAM! You're connected.
• They're solid pieces of machinery.

Items to consider:
• If your company uses company-specific software, it's worth it to check and see if it is mac compatible. There are several programs that both Unco C (my sister, my boss, my brother and I) cannot use to their fullest capacities b/c the stupid programmers didn't think abou the cool mac people who needed to use the program, as well.

• Microsoft Office products are a BIT different. Again, it's just a small transition period.

• Since so many people are buying macs, I believe customer service isn't what it used to be. (So many people are converting that have never touched a mac. When I come home, we should have a "class.")

•Backing up is a Breeze.

Hmmm... I'm sure I'll think of more. Sorry this got so long. Email me.

AND, I hate Vista. I think it sucks.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh, and viruses CAN get through to macs, however since historically so little of the computing population was working on mac, virus dorks didn't write any to affect the apple world. Not enough bang for their computer hacking buck.

Today, there are some viruses however, you can just buy MAC Norton Antivirus for peace of mind. (I did.)

And, with web surfing, say goodbye to Internet Explorer. It's no longer available for mac. The latest version is from 2006 or something and doesn't jive with Leopard or Panther. (The newest mac operating systems.) You'll be using Safari and/or firefox. (I use both.)

If you need help picking one out, let me know. It's super-easy to buy online. I have a macbook pro, C. has a macbook.

(I really could go on and on.)

Moey said...

I know absolutely NOTHING about computers, but I think that you will look way cooler if you buy a MAC. MACs say "i'm not mainstream... i go against the grain.. f-you bill gates and your computer monopoly... i'm not buyin' it!

Also, I bet Jack Bauer would have a MAC... so there's your answer right there.... Do you want to be like everyone else, or do you want to be a renegade bad ass?

Sad Panda said...

I have heard some really great things about Macs (I currently own a PC and have always used a PC). They really are easy to use, and some of the features of the newer Macs are delightful. But it really depends on what your intentions are. Because of my (potential) career, I need a PC over a Mac in order to do business. But I honestly think that either would do well.

Lauren said...

Hey Cuz,

As you know, I have a MacBook. It is a year old and I am IN LOVE WITH IT! If you have a lot of digital photos, you can't beat iPhoto. It is wonderful. Also, you can get Microsoft Office for Macs. There is really a lot of great things about Macs that you don't really find out about until you try one for a while. It is an adjustment, but well worth it!!

Dr. Turtle said...

We've got one of each (both laptops).

I wish we had two MACs, however Ry uses some programs for school that won't run on his MAC, so whatever...we needed to keep a PC.

Technically, the MAC is his, but I'd rather use it nearly all the time. It's just easier, friendlier, and tons faster.

If I were buying another today, it'd be a MAC. No question.

Hurley said...

Awwww, I miss Moey and her incoherent ramblings! Sadly, what she said about Jack Bauer probably sent Iris to go buy a MAC...that how she roll!

B said...

As my wife A pointed out we have PCs at home and they work great. I do make sure I stay on the updates and virus scanning, they are very needed. Pretzels is right MACs are not immune to viruses they just get way less of them written for them because most of the market is PC, as MAC users rise so will viruses for them. IF you can help it I would stay away from Vista for now. It may get better as they update and fix stuff. I think that Microsoft needs to wipe the slate and write from scratch, but who am I to say I am a low level computer scrub. Vista needs a lot of power in it's hardware more than the average computer provides so if you want to spend the money on a super laptop vista will probably work fine with it. Right now XP is running good on the average systems, and I believe that they are extending the date they are going to quit selling XP. They have extended it already because Vista is so unliked. MAC makes the hardware and the software so they are made to run together, and they don't want you to run there software on other systems. There is even a company starting up trying to sell non Apple computers running OSX, I think they are trying to stop them from doing that. When you make the hardware yourself you can set up the whole system to run a certain way because you know how everything works together. Microsoft tries to make software to run on everything else and that makes it a little harder. It causes you to download different programs to get everything running right. Dell, HP, and the rest usually do that for you, but if you try to add another piece it might not work 'til you tweak it.

Well that is my long winded effort at telling you a bunch of stuff you might not care about. I don't have a I hate MAC fealing, I do have a "I hate Microsoft feeling" though. Since I am a computer geek I would like to make the switch to Linux. But that is a whole different blog on some computer geeks website.

Hurley said...

Thank you Iris for bringing this riveting conversation to life...