Friday, May 23, 2008

Da da nunt daaaa, da dun naaaaa

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
1. Indy is indeed still an action hero.
2. If I were a 15 year old girl, I would have a poster of Shia LaBeouf in my room (oh wait, I do...)
3. Special effects too much.
4. Great action/chase sequences and music.
5. A few cheesy lines/dialogue a la Star Wars episodes 1-3.
6. Overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to other Indy fans.


TLC said...

i'm so jealous!! i wanted to see this over the weekend, but alas, we had no babysitter. so, instead...i must wait. sigh.

Two Pretzels said...

Loved it.

I really, really, really like Harrison Ford.

wrestling kitties said...

I really liked it as well!!

I agree with all your comments! Especially the one with Shia - haha!

There were a couple times where I was like that is a bit much/a bit cheesy but I overall still liked it.

Oh yeah, and Harrison Ford is still sexy, yep I said it. I think he is sexy and funny - love him!

Hurley said...

Fuck it, I'm going to see it tonight! I was going to wait til the weekend, but who wants to wait to see if this will be Raiders good, or Temple bad!

Sad Panda said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. I must make a trip!

Moey said...

You guys are crazy! I thought it absolutely SUCKED. I was very disappointed! I actually could have walked out in the middle of it.

I loved the Indiana Jones movies and I think that this one was AWFUL in comparison.

Two thumbs DOWN! George Lucas should be ashamed!