Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crow for Lunch

First, I would like to apologize to everyone for talking any smack about American Idol in the past. Although I CANNOT STAND the tryouts, the latter half of the show is good. I watched last night and loved it.

I have been secretly watching ever since DT made me listen to David Archuleta sing "Imagine." That kid is just so talented and might be the humblest, most deserving, purest person in the biz. Watching him go to his hometown and seeing his reaction to his tremendous welcome was moving. Tears followed by "GOSH!" If I had been watching all along, I bet I would have been choked up.

David Cook and Syesha Mercado were also great to watch and more importantly, listen to sing.

Entertaining moments:
1- Fantasia Barrino's performance. By entertaining, I mean uncomfortable to watch. Couldn't they have booked Kelly, Carrie, or Chris?
2 - Cut to Simon's face during said performance and he looked bored/appalled - it was terrific.
3- Simon's shirt. It was unbuttoned to his navel.


Chili Dog said...

Let me guess... You're a Clay Aiken fan.

Seriously, it was apparent early on that Archuleta was talented. Talented as in a talent show type of talent. Not talented as in I want to listen to anything he sings outside of the show.

I could be wrong about him, but I know that I am sick of him already.

It is amazing to me how much more talented people who got where they are by actually doing their own work are then any Idol contestant ever, including Clarkson and Underwood.

A. said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one watching American Idol this year!

Simon's face while Fantasia was singing was the best part of the season! I laughed so hard my husband came up from the basement and asked what was wrong!

I agree that David Archuleta can sing, but I can't stand him. I can't listen to him. I can't watch him (have you ever noticed how many times he licks his lips during a song?).

I really like David Cook. About halfway through the season I was thinking I would actually buy his CD. He's the most contemporary I think. And I'd like to see a guy win who could do something (where's Taylor Hicks?).

Iris Took said...

C'mon Chili! I though we were friends! Clay Aiken..that's a low blow :)

Hurley said...

Yeah, I agree, with a. My wife and I both can't stand Archuleta...he's terrible! He reminds me of the guy that's really good at kareoke and goes to kareoke night and when people say "come on, sing," he declines for 2 minutes and then you can't get him to stop. He also has zero personality...he says gosh and shucks and not much else. He just looks awkward. If there is any justice, David Cook will win and come out with an album of covers!

Hurley said...

Oh yeah, and I hate Fantasia Burrito also...always have, always will...she is a do nothing fatty that sounds like an exhausted Macy Gray...whom I also hate.

Hurley said...

Crow for lunch? My grandma says "good title!"

TLC said...

OK...Fantasia's performance ranks up there with Britney's VMA performance last year. it HURT to watch. i just kept thinking "how in the WORLD did she win Idol?" I'm sure the 2nd runner up was thinking that too. (wasn't it Diana DeGarmo that year?).

I like David Cook. He's like Daughtrey, but with hair. haha.

Arhuleta needs to not shut his eyes when he sings. It makes me uncomfortable.

Simon needs to button his shirt. This isn't Dancing with the Stars. [you'd have to watch that show to understand. sorry].

Hurley said...

Did I already say that I hate Fantastic Burrito, if not, I do. AND, tlc, I liked Britney's VMA show...she looked good...a lot of girls were jealous, so I understand.