Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lunchtime Interruption

Anyone ever come up to you while you are eating your lunch and just start talking to you about work stuff? I find it HIGHLY annoying. Uh, this can wait 10 minutes...thank you.


Hurley said...

If you're at your desk eating, then who cares? If you wanted to be alone, you should've gone out to eat...maybe you're just easily annoyed?

Iris Took said...

You are right. I am annoyed easily by people at work. I would never go up to someone eating lunch and just demand they do something for me. I would come back when they were done or send them an email.

Nadja said...

When I worked retail and people would approach me while I was eating I would generally not answer and then fantasize about punching them in the spine.

wrestling kitties said...


This happens to me alot and I get SO annoyed! I have 30 minutes, which goes by fast - so I do not want people all up in my space during lunch and I surely do not want to talk to you.

Unfortunatly, our office does not have a lunch room. We have an empty conference room but sometimes people need that at the last minute and frankily, I like to look online at lunch so the only place to do that is at my desk.

I want to get one of those little folding divider things and put it up in my cubical entrance way with a sign that says I am away so leave me alone!

People are rude.

Hurley said...

Just put your bluetooth thing on and if someone walks up, point to it...bet that would work. Every few minutes say things like "uh-huh, yeah..."

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I close my door at work to indicate that I'm unavailable.

People then open the door and think that I've mistakenly closed it.


Get out.
Let me eat.

(I usually go home for lunch to avoid this.)

Strawberry Fields said...

One time I was not finished with my lunch hour and my boss saw me talking with one of my co-workers (who was also at lunch) at her desk. She actually came up to me and said "um, there is a lot of billing that needs to get done, so you need to get back to work." She is terrible and frightening so I pretty much listened, but from that day on I either go out for lunch or sit in the conference room.

TLC said...

as i type this, i'm eating my lunch at my desk and realizing that i probably need to shut my door before someone comes in and bothers me! hahaha.