Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The List

Be honest, do you have "a list" that your significant other has approved? C'mon, you know you do.
"If I ever met this person, I could right? I mean, I never would. Just hypothetically..."

I was restrained to 5 the other night and here is who I picked under the gun:
1. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
2. Orlando Bloom/Johnny Depp (this has to be a combo - as pirates)
3. Julian McMahon - aka Dr. Christian Troy
4. Bruce Willis
5. Leo DiCaprio (only the older version)

Who's on your list?


wrestling kitties said...

Heck yeah I have a list and it changes depending on my mood. My current list. (no particular order)

1. Johnny Depp
2. Jason Mraz
3. Dave Matthews
4. David Tennant (Dr. Who!)
5. Dave Grohl

Yep, that is a pretty yummy list!

Anonymous said...

I dont even know 2 people on your list......I'm pathetic...Here is mine:

1. Wenthworth Miller
2. Nick Lachey
3. David Beckham
4. Patrick Dempsey :)
5. Rob Dyrdek (Kinda dirty but you gotta have a ditry one on the list, right?)

Anonymous said...

OK I just googled Julian McMahon and he could def. be on my list, haha

Jill Marie said...

Here's mine that my husband probably doesn't know about!!

1.) Heath Ledger (before he was dead of course)
2.)Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama)
3.)Paul Walker ( recently)
4.)Brian Greenberg (October Road, Prime)
5.)Ryan Gosling ( The Notebook)

Thanks for that!!!!!
I'm all smiles!!!!

Lauren said...


1. John Mayer
2. Jordan Catalono
3. Ben Roethlisberger
4. Jake Gyllenhaal
5. Zach Braff

Lauren said...

Oh and... come on, The Rock?!?!

Dr. Turtle said...

This is always fun to think of. (PS - Keep that Lauren away from my husband, a.k.a. Zach Braff's identical twin...I kid Lauren!)


1. Joshua Jackson
2. Ami James
3. Benjamin Bratt
4. James Blake (Tennis)
5. Harry Connick, Jr - in his white button down and jeans from Hope Floats.

Jill Marie said...

Ooooohh I forgot about Harry C. Jr.

Good one

Iris Took said...

The Rock is my #1. No question. Have you seen him lately?

I am not a fan of Harry C after Copy Cat. Ew.

TLC said...

here's mine, in no particular order

1. David Boreanaz (from "buffy" and "bones")
2. Hugh Laurie (it's the british accent that gets me. and the scruffy look).
3. Clive Owen
4. George Clooney
5. Denzel Washington

(if I could add a few more: Russel Crowe, Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes)

Hurley said...

Iris, the Rock? That is insanity!

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar
2. Ashley Olsen
3. Alessandra Ambrosio
4. Kristen Bell
5. Rose McGowan

Nadja said...

Ashley but not Mary Kate, Hurley? What's the big dif?

1. Paul Rudd
2. Vince Vaughn
3. Johnny Depp
4. Brandon Flowers (The Killers)
5. Ewan McGregor

Hurley said...

Google them both and you tell me...

Nadja said...

I hope your work catches you Googling the Olsen Twins.

Nadja said...

You're right. I stand corrected.

wrestling kitties said...

Iris, I totally think the Rock is WAY hot!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

This is fun.

Lauren, I love that you said Jordan Catalano.

Nadja - I think Vince Vaughn is entirely too large for you.

1. Ami James - Miami Ink.
2. Jason Mraz.
3. Ashton Kutcher. For laughs.
4. Taye Diggs.
5. Marky Mark Wahlberg. :-)

Kristen W. said...

My list tends to change, but here it is at this moment:

1. Johnny Depp
2. Gary Oldman
3. Sean Biggerstaff (yep, that's his real last name!)
4. Dave Grohl
5. David Tennant

t.w.i.t. said...

Dr. Turtle - people always say that my husband looks like Zach Braff!

For the record, Ashley Olsen is WAY cuter than Mary-Kate. I am ashamed that I can tell them apart without reading picture captions.

Nadja, you could curl up and sleep in the bags under Vince Vaughn's eyes.

Pretzels, I'm sure Ashton Kutcher would be honored to be on your list, despite the fact that you do not collect Social Security.

Okay, here's my list:

1. Jason Statham
2. Johnny Depp
3. David Beckham
4. Paul McCartney (then, now and always)
5. Stephen Colbert
6. Joel McHale
7. Chris Martin
8. Dane Cook (if he promised not to talk)

Wait, were we supposed to stop at five? How whorish of me.

Nadja said...

Ooooohhh... I want Joel McHale too. I forgot about him. Maybe I'll trade Vince Vaughn for him since no one seems to think our love could work.