Friday, April 4, 2008

Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat was on Bob & Tom this morning and I just LOVE him. Here is a montage from his fine, fine work during the Police Academy films. Enjoy!


Hurley said...

He was always my least favorite character on the PA movies, which I enjoyed, but he was so dumb. I am though, a mild fan of his role in the Whoopi Goldberg vehicle, Burglar, from the late 80's. That's good Sunday TV watchin'!

Chili Dog said...

R U Serious?

Bobcat is among the least talented, most obnoxious people on the very face of the earth.

He is a really bad combination of Emo Phillips and Sam Kinnison, both which are light years beyond Bobcat.

Iris Took said...

Chili dog, I am totally serious. I loved the Police Academy movies and Zed was my favorite character. Admittedly, he is obnoxious, but that is why I love him. I grew up on Police Academy!

Hurley said...

You grew up on Police Academy?!? That's like saying I grew up on Teen Wolf...Ridiculous! You must now eat 7 Arby sauces and call Moe for a ride home after're such a dicknose!

Iris Took said...

You obviously grew up on Teen Wolf as well, using a word like dicknose (from Styles' shirt).

Ok, just to get them out there, "bad" movies I loved and watched over and over as a kid:
Back to the Beach
Flight of the Navigator
Adventures in Babysitting
Crocodile Dundee
Earth Girls are Easy
Weekend at Bernie's
Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Dance til Dawn

Movies I consider good:
Indiana Jones
Uncle Buck
Stand by Me
Back to the Future
The Wizard of Oz
The Sound of Music
Karate Kid

So there!

Iris Took said...

The Princess Bride - Good
Can't Buy me Love - Bad

Hurley said...

My only objection is that you think that there might be a sole alive that didn't consider the Indiana Jones Trilogy AWESOME...The Temple of Doom was by leaps and bounds the worst of the three, and Last Crusade was the best, no arguement needed. BTW, loved Stand By Me, and Goonies...never been a big fan of Footloose or Ghostbusters. Also, how about watching Hillary Swank as the Next Karate Kid...BORRRR-ING!

Kristen W. said...

I'm gonna go watch "Earth Girls Are Easy" now. I haven't seen that movie in probably eight years!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I used to be OBSESSED with Bobcath Golthwait... I used to try to talk like him . I think I used his voice for like a solid year when I was like7 or 8... No wonder I had no friends!


Anonymous said...

i just watched "Hot to Trot" this past weekend... please tell me you've seen that gem!!

oh, and what about him in "Blow"? that had to be one of my favorite cameos ever.