Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because I have to.....

I need your opinion on Miley's photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Specifically this shot:


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Since we all know that she's so young, I think it probably wasn't the smartest decision ever made.

Annie Leibowitz (sp) is attempting to make her look far older than her years.

I think it's a bit over the line.

If she were my daughter? No. Not until she's 26.

Kristen W. said...

Well here's the thing, at first I was a little shocked about this considering she's only 15. Then I remembered some of the other candid photos that have been coming out online of her and I thought, "This one actually isn't too bad, considering."

Also, her parents were on the set with her. There were some outtake shots posted online, and it shows her having fun and laughing. I think it's getting a little blown out of proportion, personally.

Lauren said...

As a teacher, I know that my 7 and 8 year old students pretty much worship Miley Cyrus. For this reason, I feel that she has a certain amount of responsibility to be a role model to children. It comes with the territory of being a Disney icon. Although I kind of think that Disney is the Devil, they are a brand that is familiar in all US homes. She is far too young to be posing in such a suggestive manner. Sure, Vanity Fair is not a magazine that most kids peruse, however, she is now under a microscope. Every choice she makes sends a message to young fans.

All Things Red said...

I personally think it's disgusting - she's not even old enough to drive a car and she's all 'sexed up' in a magazine! And there's a picture of her with her Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, that looks like they are a couple - gross!!

Dr. Turtle said...

I think it's all ridiculous. For one, she [they] knew what those pictures where going to look like...you don't wrap a sheet around your boobs and expect the picture to look like your wearing a sweatshirt with tigger on it. I'm sorry, but you can't blaim the photographer - she was hired to do a job.

Personally, I think her dad is just feeding of off her popularity, something that he never had. Grosses me out.

Jill Marie said...

I think she looks like a crack whore in this pic. Sorry for being so blunt, but come on.

Hurley said...

I think that she looks like she just got done performing fellatio and doing a few lines. That being said, I think the pic is well done. The girl tours the world, makes 18 million dollars a year, is capable of doing hundreds of interviews a week, 10's of photo shoots a week, and shoots a tv show and movies. Her age in years is not where she is mentally. We are all so fixated on the age 18. Not because that is our decision, but because that is a government/media driven number. I am sure that we all know 13 year olds that have it more together than a lot of 25 year olds. ALSO, if that sheet had a tie that went around her neck and she wore it out to some party, no one would say anything. We have all become so hypersensitive to the slightest bit of skin. "I wouldn't let my daughter do that!" Do what? Pose for a world famous photographer and create an amazing picture that shows no nudity at all?

Nadja said...

I feel she is far too young, and I also think that it's inappropriate to look at an 18 year old in a sexy photo. That's just how I feel. I'm a self proclaimed prude.

Hurley said...

Yes N, a self proclaimed prude with a baby, an affinity for sexual innuendo and a love of potty humor. I too then am prudish, minus the excessive swearing.

A. said...

I think I'm with Hurley on this. I think our fixation on age is a good point and it was Annie Lebowitz behind the camera, not some hairy old fat guy with day-old ketchup stains on his shirt.

Nadja said...

Touche Mutha F*cka!!!!

(Is that used correctly Iris?)

B said...

Who cares?

wrestling kitties said...

First, I don't understand why she is on Vanity Fair anyways. That is the first mistake, provocative picture or not.

But I do think they could have done something a bit more classy. They could have done something that was beautiful, with some sex appeal (if that is what THEY wanted) but kept it classy and also age appropriate. I wouldn't even think this exact pose/facial expression was sexy if it was someone in their 30's....it just lacks all class and beauty.

The thing here she IS a role model. Whether that is something she wanted or not, it is what it is. And though I feel it is the parents responsibility to raise their kids, we all know how strongly young kids/teens are influenced. How many kids emulate the styles, photography, pictures they see in the media.

Besides, why do we want our kids out there to the public like this anyways? Mental age or not, the fact remains our kids are growing up way too fast and many times we are not slowing them down. Kids need to be kids, a 15 year old needs to be 15...no matter how much older he/she may seem.

Anonymous said...

Way too young and inappropriately manipulated by someone who should know better, and no doubt did know better. Yes, its lovely, yes its "natural", but Annie L knows that what she was doing was creating controversy.

And WHY would she have waited to take that specific pic until after Miley's parents left...than again why would they have left?

Miley is a 15 yr old girl who has the entire tween population at her feet, but she is far too young to be responsible for those tweens. Her parents need to be responsible for her...and the tweens parents must be responsible for them. As Clo's mom and a Hannah Montana fan, I don't look to Billy Ray to raise my daughter via tv or concerts. That's my responsibility. Just like its my responsibility to make sure Clo not read Vanity Fair. Just like Lindsey, Britney, Ashley, et. al. aren't role models...just entertainment.....my job is to make sure Clo knows that.

k's sister, clo's mom

TLC said...

1. her parents should know better
2. hello?? she's only 15. annie l. should know better.
3. this is NOT how hannah montana fans need to see their "idol"
4. i wouldn't let my daughter do this at 15.
5. i think DISNEY is who made a big stink out of it and made Miley apologize.
6. shame on disney.
7. all in all, miley seems like a good kid....so a lot of bad decisions by ADULTS are making her look bad.
8. i think she can "recover" from this.

Hurley said...

YAWN! People are showing the picture all over the place and saying how disgusting it is, but yet, they are showing it also. Doesn't that make them responsible for perpetuating this "smut?" If it is so deplorable, then why is the picture being shown everywhere? Usually when I strongly disagree with something, I make it a point not to endorse my dislike for said thing by showing it to everyone.

Mrs. Sixx said...


Just kidding.

she looks like the girl from "The Ring" in that picture.

Its just a back... would it make it better if she had bikini top on and the sheet?