Tuesday, March 4, 2008

St. Real Estate

Having been raised Catholic and having attended K-12th grade at Catholic schools, Catholic religion and its traditions have been a big part of my life and will be forever. (Side note: I am a person who has faith and believes, although the current methods and rules of certain institutiuons do not necessarily thrill me).

Today at work we were in a discussion with my friend Red Daisy that is looking for a home. I told her that she should just bury a statue of a saint in the yard and make sure it is upside down. She looked at me like I told her I was actually a man and had been living in her basement for 3 years. Well, in the Catholic folklore (I am going to call it folklore here for blogging sake), a seller of a home is supposed to bury a statue of St. Joseph in the backyard, upside down, and that will bring buyers. See wikipedia article here.

So naturally, RD thinks I am a complete lunatic, so naturally our co-worker D. and I went out at lunch searching for an idol of St. Joe. We found him at the Christian bookstore on Secor and Sylvania in the St. Joseph statue section.

Now, we are using this method in reverse. RD is looking to BUY a house, not SELL her house. We want St. Joseph to work his magic on the sellers of the house and bestow it to RD. Do I feel like we are cheating the system? Hopefully! The way I see it, St. Joseph hanging upside down in our cubicles at work is just a good deed for a friend, not blasphemy (hopefully).


MD said...

What kind of house and where? M. and I have super-cute a house for sale! Also, alot of our friends have been looking for houses lately and we may be able to point to some.

PS: My catholic sis-in-law told us about the St. Joe stuff. We bought a statue a few weekends back and are waiting for the snow to subside and ground to thaw so we can bury it.

M said...

It's true! This post made me excited! Maybe your friend RD is just who I'm looking for!

We got the statue even though we aren't Catholic (my Dad is though) because we will take all the help we can get. Folklore or not.

MD said...

Ever the optimists, here is a link for you to pass along:


I think our friend Two Pretzels can attest to the cuteness.

MD said...

Hmmm, that did not look like it posted correctly. Let me try again:


I had to put the space in to make it post correctly, but it should be one continuous address.

All Things Red said...

Hi all - it's Red Daisy. I'm actually looking at buying a house in Dallas, TX - my new hometown! Thanks for the help, though!!

Hurley said...

Catholicism is the downfall of all religion. How about instead of burying idols in your yard, you advertise more...your idea sounds like some kind of gypsy witch activity for warding off guys named Joe. Why not bury a pumkin seed also, I hear that when you bury one of those in your backyard, water falls from the sky and the seed begins to grow, and then the ground splits open and the seed transforms and shows itself...it's magical.

Hurley said...

Please don't ban my blog again Iris for what I wrote above.

MD said...


While I am not a fan of catholicism myself, I respect the rights of others to worship in whatever way they please. That being said, burying a statue is in no way idolatry by the standards of my religion, nor of the catholic religion.

I recommend you keep your narrowminded judgement to yourself.

Hurley said...

md, chill the f**k out! I thought that this was a forum for opinions. Is it narrowminded and judgemental to have an opinion that differs from that of your own? Is that how you are making those classifications? Not having your opinion does not make mine narrowminded...thanks for policing a blog that isn't yours though.

M said...

Well, shoot Red Daisy, I thought we had the perfect match :)

Best of luck finding a house. If you don't like Dallas and want to move to T-town, keep my house in mind!

Nadja said...

Fellas fellas, I don't want to have to find a bouncer for Iris Took's blog.

All Things Red said...

Thank you 'M' - if I move back, I'll look you up!

And kudos to nadja - be nice to Iris and her blog. We can all have different opinions without being mean. I'm not Catholic, so I think the statue thing is a little weird, but more power to you if you want to have them. I guess us Methodists are kind of boring - no statues. :) But the upside down statue of Joseph is hanging from my cube wall and it's definitely a conversation starter!

TLC said...

my mom and dad (non-catholics) did the statue thing and it worked.

my husband and i (catholics) also buried st. joseph in our backyard and it worked. :)

i like it..it's a nice piece of "folklore" as Iris said. :)

MD said...

Ahh the religious one resorts to pseudo censored cursing. Well done, very nice message.

YOUR judgment #1: Catholicism is the downfall of all religion.

YOUR judgment #2: your idea sounds like some kind of gypsy witch activity

YOUR question: Is it narrowminded and judgemental to have an opinion that differs from that of your own?

Did I not state that I respect everyone's right to worship in the manner that best fits them? I believe I did. Lucky for you, that includes the right of others to worship and make narrowminded judgments.

Look up the definition of judgment, brother. Disagreeing with someone and how they worship is entirely different from judging them and making unncessarily snarky comments. Disagree all you want. Post all day about why your dislike Catholicism. I would actually join in WITH you about that. But to call something a gypsy witch activity? Keep that to yourself.

Hurley said...

md, calm down booster seat! I feel truly lucky that your respect reservoir is pleantiful enough for my narrowminded judgments, and although I decline your offer to join in WITH you in a discussion of your gypsy-hate for Catholicism, I will look up judgment and be more careful to throw words that powerful around again, like I'm the King of England. As for your wordy diatribe above, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul...the Catholic God, that is.