Friday, March 14, 2008


If you are single (or if you are married, just play along), would you go to an organized speed-dating event? It seems to me that people (especially in Toledo) have a hard time finding other single people to date and don't want to just "pick somebody up in a bar." Other people have said that online dating is just not for them.

Does speed-dating sound fun? Would you go? Give me your opinions. Check out this website here for more information on speed-dating. Note, you do not have to participate in online dating to be a part of a speed-dating event.

As some of you know, I am an event-coordinator for and actually host these events. They are really successful and the attendees have fun and find matches. I hosted one last night at the Claddaugh Irish Pub at Westfield.

If you are interested, or have a friend, send them to or have them email


Nadja said...

Absolutely. I think it seems kind of entertaining. If you meet a nice guy, great. If you meet a weirdo that only talks about how intuitive his pet bird is, great blogging story.

Hurley said...

I think any kind of thing that brings people together can't be bad, and I've heard some amazing success stories. Times have changed, and this seems like a legit way to meet someone. No more weird than talking to someone you don't know for 5 minutes at the bar.

Trophy Life said...

i am 29 and single and i would totally do it. MY own personal issue is that i have NO single friends who would go with me. i do not want to go alone, for some reason. if you could convince me to go alone, i'll try and attend an event in my local area. i really think i would feel awkward alone?! let me know your thoughts.

Iris Took said...

TL, you should do it. A lot of people do come with friends. If you can't find a single female friend, I would encourage you to come with a male friend. That way you can sit through a "round" with him and discuss how your dating is going. Safety in numbers!

Most people do come alone however. You would not feel awkward by yourself. Let me know if you want to come, email me at and I can give you more info.