Friday, March 28, 2008

Random act of bizzarro

Today at the flower shop right across from the Toledo Hospital, I was buying some balloons for my friend Jackie (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAX!) before our lunch date. While my balloons were being inflated, I noticed a man be-bopping around the store. He seemed to be in a good mood, but he made me a little nervous. He didn't look homeless, but certainly wasn't dressed for an interview. Either way, I was aware of his presence.

Our orders were ready at the same time so we were at the counter at the same time. The man stood right next to me. I mean, right next to me. The cashier gave me my total and I handed her my debit card. As she took it, my friend quickly whipped out a Benjamin and yelled, "No, no! I got it!" and shoved the bill at the cashier. I politely declined his offer, but he was insistent, telling me that it was HIS birthday and he wanted to pay. I argued but he was certainly not taking no for an answer.

What I learned:
His name is Terry.
I should NEVER get married (Men don't know how to treat the ladies according to Terry).
Be happy.
Terry has been married 3 times.

Most uncomfortable: The floral cashier
Most confused: Iris
Most exclamatory: Terry
Free balloons: Jackie


Hurley said...

Sounds like a nice gesture, if your in to being attacked in the parking lot...I am disappointed in you that you called a hundred dollar bill, a Benjamin...that went out when Biggie died...may he rest in peace.

Jill Marie said...

I really need to get out more. All the stories you tell makes your life sound so exciting. My stories usually consist of Evan peeing on me and Grace crying.

Question: Was Terry trying to make you his 4th wife? huh huh huh

M said...

That is a great story! You DO seem to have some good ones. I liked the part with the awards.

God bless Terry and his unending excitement for his birthday. Glad this story has a happy ending.

Kristen W. said...

I've seen enough after-school specials about strangers to know that this could have ended totally differently. But considering that you were retelling the story, I figured all ended well!

Lauren said...

AAH! This is crazy! Next time you go balloon shopping, DO NOT go alone!

Dri said...

Wow. I'll take the benefit of the doubt approach and say that I'm glad he was having a good day and wanted to make someone else smile on his birthday.

Also know that I would have been weirded out by this interaction as well.

Trophy Life said...

bizarre, but in a way that was of SOME benefit to you. i mean, had he not been so nice as to purchase the balloons, then it was just be PLAIN BIZARRE!

Nadja said...

Terry is wrong. He knows EXACTLY how to treat the ladies.

Lassie said...

Well written article.