Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perfume PSA

I did not know this, but apparently, when spraying on perfume the correct way is to spray both wrists and NOT to rub them together. According to the expert I talked to at Sephora, rubbing your wrists together changes the scent. Huh.

Selecting a perfume is one of the hardest things ever. If I go into the store and start smelling and spraying, after about 3 tests, I can no longer differentiate between perfumes. I think I will stick with Burberry forever unless someone buys something else for me.

How do you pick? Do you wear different scents according to mood or season?


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Whew. Thank GOODNESS that Perfume Specialist (I capitalized that) set you straight!

I wear SJP's Lovely. I usually am a one-perfume-girl. I end up buying two bottles of a perfume I love, then changing.

My past favorites:

Ralph Lauren's Ralph
Channel's Chance

Hurley said...

I wear waaaay too much cologne, but I likes it. I heard that rubbing wrist thing, because it creates heat and that is how it alters it. For the ladies, I like Design, which they may not sell at all stores, and D&G Light Blue is a good one if you were looking to try something

wrestling kitties said...

I did not know that! I don't like to spray it dirctly on me anyways....way too strong! I do the spray & walk method! :)

I wear Eternity when I go out (I know, a bit early 90's but I love it) and then just a Body Spray from Bath & Body Works for day b/c it isn't as strong. I think right now it is Cherry Blossom!

The hardest thing about finding a perfume is finding one that not only smells good but smells good on your body! There are a bunch of perfumes that I think smell great, but then when I actually try them on me they just stink or something! That is probably why I have never changed my perfume in like 12 years!

Lauren said...

I wear SJP's Lovely as well. I also love the CLEAN line at Sephora. I really like perfume. I do have the same problem though, I have a hard time finding new scents. I have never smelled the Burberry, I will have to check it out!

TLC said...

yep, i learned the "no rub" rule a few years ago.

i wear:

Coco Chanel in the winter (and now, Coco Mademoiselle too).

My spring/summer scent is Annick Goutal "Adrienne".