Monday, March 31, 2008

NCAA Basketball

I'm out. I had Texas to win it all.

Did you watch the Davidson/Kansas game last night? I really was rooting for Davidson.

I think this is so cool:
The school actually offered to pay for any student that wanted to attend the game if Davidson make the sweet 16.
" The trustees said they would cover the fare for the 22-hour round-trip bus ride, two nights lodging in a Detroit hotel and a ticket to the game. Close to 300 students - about a third of the student body - took them up on the offer." Source: Toledo Blade
They had a pretty impressive crowd last night too.


Hurley said...


Kristen W. said...

Curses schools that have money for this kind of stuff!

Anonymous said...

the school even pays for their laundry... of course, there's only something like less than 1000 kids that go there. must have boo-ko bucks...

but such a sweet deal for the students!!

BTW, i have kansas v memphis in the final with memphis winning... so if that happens, I could possibly come in 2nd ($75)... so GO TIGERS!!