Monday, March 17, 2008

Jiggs Dinner - Just for fun?

Traditional Jiggs Dinner:
Corned Beef

Do you actually like Jiggs Dinner? Would you eat it in October?
I totally would, but do you eat it today just because it is tradition?


Kristen W. said...

Part of my family history is pure Czech Republic, so a lot of recipes have cabbage and potato variations. I think I would eat it, yes.

TLC said...

I have my Jigg's dinner slow cooking in my crock pot right now. Corned Beef, cabbage and potatoes. I was out of oh well. I would eat it any time of the year, but only make it on March 17th. And the leftover corned beef becomes reuben paninis .... i love my panini maker. :)

happy st. patrick's day! :)

Hurley said...
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Dr. Turtle said...

I've never made it before, but I'd eat it any day of the year.

I heart cooked cabbage, and potatoes and corned beef...I'm indifferent on the carrots.

Mmmmm...wish I was having some tonight, but, I made chili instead :)

A. said...

I had my traditional Jigg's dinner last night! From Mulvaney's - yum! I don't know that I'd eat it in October. I think it's more the tradition that grabs me.

wrestling kitties said...

I would eat it if someone made it no matter what time a year...well maybe not the summer.

I love this kind of food!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Ditto. Anytime of the year. Ever.

(It was so great, we went to an "American bar" in Cabo and all the Mexican waiters were wearing, "Kiss me I'm Irish" stuff and the only beer choice was green pacifico. Awesome.

Mike said...

Sorry I'm a little behind in reading your blog (you'll have to have my friend - he's a little slow...) but I must say that I LOVE Jiggs dinner and would eat any day of the year! Not to be confused with every day of the year... No food is that good!