Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Gym is awesome / I love Bret Michaels

Usually the elliptical bores me to death and my toes fall asleep, but at Urban Active, each cardio machine has a tv attached. I watched Rock of Love 2 and was on for the full hour. I think I have found the key to motivation....television.

**Side note***
Rock of Love is such a great show. I was cringing, laughing, and cheering the whole time. I hate Kristy Jo and she needs to leave (but won't because she helps the dynamic of the show). I love Megan, but she is really not very intelligent and I don't think Bret could deal with that forever (and as we know, he is looking for love). Destiny, skank; Jessica, whatever; Daisy, terrible. Ambre is the best and the obvious choice. I was sad to see Inna go.


Anonymous said...

Urban active=amazing.


wrestling kitties said...

oh - what a fun show to watch while working out!!

I love this show as well! It is crazy but so funny to watch!

I liked Christy Jo at first, thought she was getting a bad rap, but now I am just sick of her and think she is just annoying and needs to leave! I also don't like Megan, mainly b/c I can't stand to hear her speak. I think my IQ drops when she talks! And Daisy, all I can look at is her mouth..ick *shivers*.

Did you see that SNL skit with Tina Fey as Daisy - hahaha! Awesome!

HSL said...

I am shocked you can watch this show. The girls are so dumb!!!!! I am totally entertained by it.

Hurley said...

I thought I was the only one whose toes fell asleep on the elliptical. I thought I just had really bad blood circulation...good to know. Don't watch this show, but I may catch it on a Sunday marathon.

Nadja said...

Does anyone else think he looks like Fergie? My husband thinks I'm on drugs, but I think they look totally related. I also think he wears a wig. Obviously I watch the show as well, as I am able to make these astute observations.