Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well, what WERE you expecting?

Does this ever happen to you? Let me rephrase...would you ever say this to anyone?

Yesterday I met a person with whom I have only ever had phone and email contact. We shook hands and she stepped back and says, "You are not what I was expecting."

Huh, well, what were you expecting? I didn't bother to ask that question because if the response was something like, "I thought you'd be taller" or "I thought you were older" or "Man, your hair is big," I just would not be able to conduct myself in a professional manner after that point. It is important to note that all of these things have been said to me before.


Hurley said...

I set up an appointment before and when I went the lady came out and said "Oh, HA HA, with that name, I thought you'd be a brother." I wasnt offended, but I think she was genuinely disappointed.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I've gotten that, too. Completely rude.

When people see how young I am, I feel like I have to instantly prove myself. Then I remember, "Eh...who cares. They're all irrelevant."

Kristen said...

I've never had this happen to me, mostly because I make damn sure that people expect nothing out of me, so they can never really be disappointed. However, I have a friend named Randi, so if people see her name on paper (such as a contest, an application, etc.) they always expect a French man. Then she shows up and they are surprised she has a skirt on.

Nadja said...

I've gotten:
1. You better hope your boobs get bigger. (I was 13. They did, thank you)
2. (scoff)(snort)YOU'RE the Realtor?? Come ON!
3. Good thing yer a looker cuz yer attitude sucks.

Dr. Turtle said...

Is this kind of like when my brother met you and said to me, "Do all Chi-O's have big boobs?" (assuming you were in with me and KT)

HAHAHAHA! Kidding. But that was the first thing I thought of!

t.w.i.t. said...

That is really rude. How about when people say that when meeting your significant other? "That's not who I expected your husband to be." Um, okay. Do you have somebody in mind that you feel would be better suited for me? Cause when I said "til death do us part," I only meant it loosely.

Nadja said...

I just got recently "Your husband's not black?!?!?!?!"

I don't understand the confusion.

wrestling kitties said...

UGH...people are idiots. That is when you say, well neither are you!

People use to always wondered why T & I were together the first few years into dating. "You two are together, huh?!?! Like what the hell is that suppose to mean?

Dumb people

Hurley said...

I should smash you in your face for leaving that garbage on my blog. BTW, don't you love my empty threats?