Thursday, February 21, 2008

Restaurant Review : Rumors

Ever been to Rumors on Monroe Street in Toledo? If you are hungry and in the mood for Greek/Mediterranean cuisine, you should hit up this place (right next to Pier One, across from Outback Steakhouse). You get a colossal amount of really good food. Honestly, I ate dinner and have enough left for two more meals. They also have other options like cheeseburgers and fries, fish, sandwiches, soups; not just ethnic foods.

Best items: hommus, gyro meat
Don't care about: Greek salad, fries


Hurley said...

Sounds plebian, what are their drink specials?

t.w.i.t. said...

Greek salad: don't care for in general, or don't care for their version? Just curious, as garlic dressing + feta cheese = nectar of the (Greek) gods. (In my ever so humble opinion.)

Iris Took said...

I love Greek salads when they are done well. My sister and cousins love the Greek salad at Rumors, but to me iceberg lettuce does not cut it in a greek. Also, the dressing was way too lemony for me.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the perch sandwich quite a bit. I just wish I didn't have a migrane and got to enjoy it to its fullest. I do want to back you up when you say your cousins enjoyed the greek salad! It was pretty good. They even have a cute compartment for the kalamata (SP?) olives! Good fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, and best of all... LOTS OF FETA!


Dr. Turtle said...

you've found one of my favorite little spots!!!

I always get the small fattoush salad (which is enough to feed about 6 people...the small!) and then chicken with hommous (again, way more than I could dream of finishing off in one, or two, sitttings).

Mmmmmmm.....really, I want

TLC said...

OK now i'm hungry! and i want fattoush, greek salads, hommous and pita bread.

that place really is good. i haven't been in several years.

also good: The Grapeleaf Diner on McCord and Al Saher (also on McCord).

Anonymous said...

rumors is awesome! they have great spinach pie too.