Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The progression of a cold

Surely everyone is ill right now; it is just that time of year. I am one of those people. Having experienced a crazy travel schedule the last few weeks, enduring violent temperature and climate change, adding also the fact that every single person at work and all of their kids are sick, I too, am under the weather now. Colds are annoying because they seem to change every day and give you new symptoms just when you have figured out how to treat/deal with the old ones.

Starts with: Turns into...
Sore throat Plugged nose
Runny nose Stuffy head
Itchy eyes Eyes glued together
Minor headache Total loss of hearing (but only on one side)

Whoever personified the eye gluck (mom's word) with "The Sandman" was on drugs. He is clearly named "The crazy Nymph with the Gorilla Glue that violates your eyes as you sleep." Although, "The Sandman" is less scary for children.


Kristen said...

Don't you hate it when you get sick, and you think it's a cold, and one week later you realize you are still sick. And then you find out from the doctor you have malariainfluenzaitis? Yeah... it totally sucks.

TLC said...

i feel for ya! i've been sick for just about 2 1/2 weeks...and am just now starting to feel human again.

So....feel better soon! Lots of fluids, rest, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

as i read this, i'm surrounded by a sea of tissue. the "starts with; turns into" timeline is dead on.

i should've called in sick today, but i have a feeling this is just the beginning, and it's going to get a heckuva lot worse.

Hurley said...

I hate sick people that act like sick people. I like it when you're sick, but you'll still go get a drink and go out, knowing very well that you're going to get everyone else sick, but you don't care, because it's Friday, and you had a bad week. Gorilla Glue?

Dr Phil said...

people who get colds are weak people! Also multiple studies have shown that cold medications due nothing to shorten the duration of colds. If you want to be drugged up and feel like on cloud I recommend. one aleve and tylenol cold AM every 6 hrs.

Anonymous said...

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