Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Smokey

Happy Birthday Smokey! I hope you have the best day ever!!

May your day be filled with:

All things Steelers and a visit from Big Ben

Johnny Depp singing to you with razors in his hands

Wieners (dogs, for clarification)

Calls from Connie the Amazing and Larry the Great

Gifts from O, expensive gifts

Fantastic hand soaps

Celebrity gossip

No school :)

Love you Smokey!


Anonymous said...

I think we are getting another dog..... for her b-day. Uhhhhh, I feel like the house is turning into animal planet.


Lauren said...

You are the best cuz ever! Thanks for the heart-felt birthday song, and message!!! True cuz love. (Obviously I found this birthday message quickly because O and I are your most loyal supporters!) When do you go out of town?

P.S. I love that you remeber my sincere and obsessive love for good smelling, moisturizing, antibacterial hand soaps!!

Hurley said...

Laaaaame! Save this stuff for your emails.