Monday, February 4, 2008

Does this suitcase make me look fat?

I am in Florida this week for work and had an extremely early morning flight today. Getting up was a chore, getting to the airport was a chore and checking in was subliminally insulting.

Counter Lady: “You know you’re overweight, right?”
Me: “EXCUSE ME?” Thinking…No, my doctor says I’m healthy and I should work on a positive body image. Besides I work out all the time, but I love food and I am a natural apple shape and that’s just the way I’m built.
Smirking Counter Lady: “No, I mean your suitcase weighs 55 lbs. You need to lose 5 lbs.”
Me: “You mean my SUITCASE needs to be 5 less lbs? Well, ok.”
Maybe NWA needs to have their staff take sensitivity training….


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm smiling. Great story. However, what?! Like she said that.

NWA, huh? Don't be surprised. I remember their music... not that complimentary to women.


Hurley said...

NWA? I honestly didn't even know that was still an airline. Have fun in Florida with MW and your sister "YEEES!" Be on your best behavior, and please blog about getting kicked in the face, as that is a story that needs to be told often. It really is a life lesson story when you think about it...I know have everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for you to tell it.

Hurley said...

That is, I now have everyone, or I know I have everyone, damn qwerty keypad