Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adventure Update

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I got home from my Florida jaunt last night around 11pm, to work today, straight to the speed dating event that I was hosting, now to bed. I am flying to Norfolk VA tomorrow for one day only. More information to follow (it is classified as of now...not kidding).


Hurley said...

Since no one is commenting here, I will give you my top 10 Iris memories.
10. "Falling" out of the car at buffet.
9. Secret Agent Ben
8. Irrational Cop Calling for "lost" applictations.
7. Bellybutton playground in frosh dormroom-Gross!
6. Fortune Cookie Crumble-for luck, of course!
5. "who were you trying to kick in the face?!?"
4. Drunky Spice/Nick & Jimmy's Drinking
3. Iris: Guys I have to be home at 11. Us: okay, sounds good (2:30am) Iris's mom: Say goodbye to Iris, cuz you won't be seeing her for awhile." Us: "Byyyye Iris."
2. "Let's ask these guys!"
1. "GD self-serve, never again!"

Hurley said...


We can't go to your house, we're almost there.
Why would you wear white pants to the casino? They're Khaki Cords!
Hurley, I'm left handed, and that's permanent marker!
Here try this. What is it? Just try it. (I try it, followed by barf) Oh that's right, you hate vanilla!
Why are you walking so fast?
I think I broke my shoe!
Here, talk to my mom and convince her I'm not drunk. Okay, but I think she heard you.
Why did you throw that in my water?
Come on, this time I promise I won't drive away.
Could you please lie about that cut on your leg?
What's the theme of the party?
I scoff at people that order mixed fruit certs. Hey, actually they're kinda good.
I'm really busy!!!!
Hey look, there's cup holders back here!!
Um, the maroon Civic with rust accents.
This is wayyyy better than your old car. This is my dad's asshole!
Hey! I think the mustard brothers just snubbed me, no joke!!

Hurley said...
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