Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sprint vs. Iris Took - Round 8

I have a small victory to share with you all. My latest mishap with Sprint was that I needed the battery replaced. The phone is under a year old and so it should be covered. I took it to the Sprint store (insert LONG-assed story here, filled with incompetent, rude, and lazy employees and a VERY irate and fed up Iris) and got a new battery. New battery does not hold a charge. Expletive. Expletive.

I called Sprint to cancel my service. I was just going to take one for the team and pay my cancellation fee and switch to Verizon. After 25 minutes of waiting on hold, I talked to a nice gentleman named Lamar that talked me out of cancelling and is now sending me a new phone of my choosing. He actually had me go online and choose from any phone I wanted (not the Blackberries or other really obnoxious phones). My contract is not extended and I don' t have to pay shipping and handling. Where has Lamar been my whole life?

Sprint may be winning the war, but Iris Took just took the field.


All Things Red said...

You tell 'em how it is, Iris! Way to make friends with Lamar and get what you need.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Seems to me that Lamar is an angel. (I still vote you that eventually switch over to Verizon.)

wrestling kitties said...

Nice job!!