Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sprint sent me a new phone!

I received my new phone in the mail yesterday! Let's give it a whirl and see how it works. It's a Samsung M510 and seems like it is going to be a good phone for what I need. Review in a few days.


Nadja said...

Congrats! I'm happy for you and your victory over a stupid cell phone company! I think they're workers are all nasty little goblins.

Hurley said...

You said you got to choose from a list of phones, and that's the one you picked? It looks suspiciously like it came out two years ago. I hope this one works better for you, but what you need, is a new work phone, because some how when I call, you can't hear it ring.

Nadja said...

Unrelated to your phone, but just an FYI. I just checked and my hobbit name is Ruby Boffin of Needlehole. Just wanted to share.