Friday, January 4, 2008

Golden Compass

Has anyone seen this movie? I am thinking about taking my grade-school aged cousins to it tonight. I think it looks great.

Also, I have been hearing all this buzz about how Catholic grade schools are advising their parishioners to boycott this movie because of it's anti-God messages and what not.

What? Where are we? Germany 1941?

What happened to seeing this with your kids and then TALKING to them if they have questions. Opinions please (moms especially...)


wrestling kitties said...

Ok, I haven't seen this movie but have heard that people (you are right - some moms) are complaining about it. And the same thing happened with Lord of the rings and Harry Potter and other fantasy movies like this and it upsets me to no end.

I personally think people need to relax. Most kids are not going to "read" into any underlining message that the writers may or may not have put in the movie. And you are right, if the kids are perceptive and picking up on political, religious or other things then first...great for those kids for thinking, and second talk to your kids about any questions they may have.

People seem to have forgot how important it is to expose kids (people for that matter) to different ideas, using their imaginations, while also keeping open communication so questions can be asked.

grrr. (I could keep going forever, this is something that annoys me - sorry)

Anonymous said...

as a mom of 3 young boys under 8 I have no interest in introducing my children to these kind of things just yet...but I too have heard of the talk about this movie and honestly I have no desire to expose my kids to an atheist storyteller. It's not that I'm super religious- I'm just overprotective and prefer my children to not think about "killing God" as the children supposedly do in the movie.

TLC said...

i think it should be left up to the individual family to decide whether or not to see this movie. as for the Catholic schools issuing notes to parents, as a Catholic, that just really irritates me. I don't need my church telling me what to do. Just one more thing that I don't agree with the church about.

Frankly, I had no idea about all the controversy until I read about it and saw some news reports.

But again, it's a personal choice. Me, I'd have no problem letting my kids see the movie - if they were old enough, which they aren't.

Moey said...

I saw the movie and it was AWESOME! This crazy religious anti-fantasy crap could not possibly be more ridiculous to me. What don't these people understand about the word FANTASY... it's not real! AND there is nothing in it about killing god, just like harry potter is not the anti-christ. It's called IMAGINATION people... try encouraging it in your children.

The only thing I will warn you about is the fact that the movie is definitely left open for a sequel... don't be expecting any sort of closure.