Thursday, December 20, 2007

The evil eyelash curler

Beauty is pain. I was putting on mascara yesterday and I noticed that some of my eyelashes seemed to be shorter than the rest. Weird. Did I get drunk and smoke? Did I get near a bonfire? What did I do? Then I looked at my eyelash curler...looking all innocent on my dresser. That cheap bastard must have CUT MY LASHES! Here is a picture to prove it. Look at the short lashes in the middle (note the ONE lash that survived). Eek!

So, let this be a lesson to everyone, make sure your eyelash curler still
has the rubbery thing on it so it doesn't cut your lashes off! My other eye
looks the same :(


Two/Dos Pretzels said...


So let me get this straight, the rubber thing wore off/fell off and therefore severed your lashes?


Luckily you're still gorgeous.

(I miss you.)

Lauren said...


Dr. Turtle said...

Eeks! I haven't used my eyelash curler in year...I don't think I will be anytime soon either!

May they grow back quickly!

Kay said...

In August my eye lash curler slipped in my hand and took out half of my eyelashes. It plucked them out from the roots. It was very freaky. I haven't used an eye lash curler since!! (my eye lashes grew back, but they are not the same)

TLC said...


makes me not want to use my hardly-ever-used-anyway eyelash curler.

i'm always afraid i'm going to sneeze in mid-curl and rip out all my eyelashes....


Anonymous said...

I used a Revlon eyelash curler (the one with the red cushion)
on my left eye this morning and instead of curling my lashes
it literally CUT off 2/3 of my eyelashes directly in the middle
of my eye. I now have a reverse mohawk on my left eye.
I'm very upset with Revlon for making this product.
How do I fix something like this?

Unknown said...

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