Monday, November 19, 2007

When you're here, you're stuffed

The Olive Garden is ALWAYS busy and I know is amazing every time. We ventured there yesterday for lunch and there was a 1/2 hour wait...for lunch!! Those folks at the OG really know how to do it though. The trip is worth is for the salad and bread sticks alone.

What is your favorite OG dish?


Anonymous said...

when i was growing up, I always had to have my birthday dinner there. Back then, my favorite dish was plain ole fettucine alfredo. Now when I go, I always try something different since they have so many good things. But I'm like you, I'd be just as content with the salad and breadsticks!! yummmmmm!!!

wrestling kitties said...

It has been so long since we have been there (it sounds so good right now) but I remember loving this chicken and brocolli thing with pasta that looked like little bowls - YUM!!!

And of course the salad, soup and breadsticks are awesome!

TLC said...

portobello mushroom ravioli.

oh and the salad and breadsticks.

i'm hungry now

[side note: my daughter, Olivia, is standing next to me as i type and she saw the OG sign and said "mama, it's the Olive Garden. I like it there!"]

A. said...

Definitely their original chicken marsala!

Anonymous said...

My favorite dish at olive garden is the one they give with the salad, because it's empty. Didn't the olive garden close down in 2000for being way to 90's? I've been wrong before, but I'm pretty sure. You may have been at chi-chi's, or one of many other past blasts.