Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Skeldon for Toledo

Please vote for my friend, Marty Skeldon, for Toledo City Council today.

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Anonymous said...

don't know how far this story made it, and since it's from my hometown i feel the need to mention.

2 people in jackson were up for re-election tonight.. a bro and sis on city council. in june, cops raided their homes and find enough pot to charge the sis with felony marijuana charges and her bro gets a misdemeanor.

they refused to comment on every story we did on this... just said they aren't dropping out, their constituents haven't asked them, and refuse a request by the mayor to resign.

needless to say, they lost. big time. Felony chick got only 17% of the vote, while her bro did a little better, with 37%. we got a chance to interview the guy who beat the sister, and he even admitted on camera he won because of the drug charges.

I wonder if they both lit up big fatties afterwards.

gotta love jackson, the town i was concieved, born and raised in. and proud of it!!