Monday, November 26, 2007


Has anyone been watching this show? Please comment and let me know. My comments in the comment section.....


Iris Took said...

Whoa. I love this show. It is so outrageous and nasty.
1) Julia as a lesbian is crazy. I do love Portia de Rossi as her girlfriend.
2) Poor, poor Annie. She is going to be so screwed up.
3) Sean is a total mess. How does he get involved with all these conniving whores?
4) Christian is so amazing to watch. He is a beautiful train wreck. He is so arrogant and entertaining.
5) I love Rosie O'Donnell on this show. She is amazing.
6) Can't wait for the Matt/Kimber drama next week!!

TLC said...

i do (did?) love this show. the first show this season just didn't do it for me i haven't been watching regularly.

i LOVE christian though..he's such a sleaze and he's hilarious. Sean, he is a train wreck (oh man, that hot tub fiasco last week...gross out).

i guess i need to give it another shot at winning me back.