Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wild Stallyns

My dream reminded me of my favorite section of Bill & Ted's when they introduce their historical figures to Bill's hot mom and make up names for them. SO HILARIOUS!

Entire script found here.

(San Dimas - Present Day)
(The booth lands in Bill's back yard while Missy is watering. The booth has landed on top of the water hose so the water's slowed to a trickle, Missy turns around to see what's going on and sees the booth.)
Billy: Whoa! Who's the Senorita? She's cute.
Ted: It's his mom, dude.
Billy: Oh.
(They open the doors and step out.)
Missy: Hi guys.
Bill: Hi Missy…I mean Mom.
Ted: Uh, Mrs. Preston we'd like you to meet some of our friends.
(As each of the guys/girl gets out of the booth they shake hands with Missy.)
Bill: Yeah, this is uh Dave Beethoven, and Maxine of Arc, Herman the Kid.
Ted: Bob Genghis Khan, Socrates Johnson, Dennis Freud and, uh, Abraham Lincoln.

Missy: Well it's nice to meet all of you. There are soda's in the fridge.
Bill: Mom, can you give us a ride someplace.
Missy: Bill, I'm not taking you anywhere until you do your chores.

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