Friday, September 21, 2007


Being sick when it is hot outside is not natural.

Does anyone else turn into a baby when they are sick?
I think I do and I want everyone to feel bad for me.


Anonymous said...

Lauren is going to be mad I left this, but......

She got into her car this morning, turned the key, and quickly ran out of the car and threw up in the bushes. She than went back inside and threw up in the kitchen sink, then she spent a good deal of the morn. spewin the bathroom! But she felt better by 3pm.
- Owen (bad husband)

Iris Took said...

HAHAH! The good part is O, that not that many people read this blog, and certainly not people that know you and L.

A. said...

Are you sick? If so, I do feel bad for you. Get better.

I, too, turn into a baby when I am sick. Drives my husband batty.

Anonymous said...

not so much when i get a cold.

however, when i get the flu, i literally cry for my mom while i'm heaving away. all i want is her to cover me up with a blanket on the couch, bring me jelly toast and room temperature vernors.