Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Ahoy! September 19th be International Talk like a Pirate Day! Today is the day fer all ye Land Lubbers and Scallywags to be celebratin' and drinkin' the rum, before it's all gone! Aye aye!

Here be some famous Pirates!

Captain Jack Sparrow (savvy?):

Captain Hook:

Captain Morgan:


A. said...

Ha! Ha! You included Captain Morgan. I love it!

Captain Jim said...

Arrrr, but ye be correct me lassie. Talk like the pirate that lives wittin each and evry one o us today or be damned to the evil watery depths witt the likes of Davey Jones. Avast there me hearties!!!

TLC said...


And to think, on the 16th I met Capt. Jack Sparrow in person. :)

See my blog for proof! :)