Monday, September 10, 2007

Car Detailing

Over the summer my car got a little messy:
  • Going to the Lake
  • Road trips
  • Little cousins in the car
  • Picking up drunk people (and obligatory Taco Bell drive through)

How did my car did this dirty?

I wanted to get my car detailed and having never done it before I went to Minuteman Car Wash on Monroe to price it out. The nice (seriously, he was SO NICE!) guy informed me that they were running a special that would cost me only around $90.00 to get my car detailed. What? Is it really that much????

So I did it myself:
  • $1 quarters with the vacuum (5 minutes worth)
  • $2 for Armor All cleaner for dash and steering wheel and side panels
  • $1 for glass cleaner
  • $6 for Car Wash
  • $1 air freshener
SO, I saved $80.00 (granted they could have done a better job) and my car looks great. Now I vow, "I will NEVER let my car get that dirty AGAIN!"

How many times have you said that? Don't you love having a really clean car?


A. said...

I've always wondered how much detailing costs. Eek!

wrestling kitties said...

I haven't been driving my car much the past couple months, my husband has taken it. I got in it this weekend and was just disgusted how dirty it was! Neither one of us have cleaned it in some time. It will be my husband and my project this weekend!

I love a clean car! I think you also feel better doing it yourself! No need to spend that much money!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Job. Well. Done.

Moey said...

flav- you washed your car, you didn't detail it. when they detail your car, they go as far as poilshing the engine, taking the wheels off and polishing the hubcaps, steamcleaning the inside (if it's cloth) and god knows what else...
detailing is for crazy perfectionists and people who are really into nascar... or if you are about to turn you car in to a dealership... not for regular dirt.
love you!