Thursday, September 6, 2007

Baba Ghannouj

Let's talk baba ghannouj. I think I like it better than I like hummos (hummus, or hummous, it is spelled so many different ways). They are basically the same thing but baba has eggplant as its base whereas hummos has chickpeas (garbanzos) as its main ingredient.

Have you had it? Do you like it?

Vince Vaughn's nickname in Wedding Crashers was Baba Ghannouj. Man, I love that dude.


Lauren said...

LOVE THEM BOTH! I love all medeterranian... Do you buy Oasis Baba Ghannouj from Kroger?? What is your hommus/baba brand of choice? Also, aside from Alladin's, do you know of any good medeterranian places to eat?

Iris Took said...

Oasis is hands down the best store brand there is.

I will take you to tour the Mediterranean places in Toledo.
We will need to hit:

I will be happy to be your date anytime! We can bring the T boys too!

hsl said...

I ODed on hummus for a while but I am back on it. It is so good but hard not to eat the whole container.

Moey said...

I'm a fan of Hummus... definitely not baba... and I'll tell you why... We had a guy come in to our ER the other night who shoved an eggplant up his butt and had to go to surgery to have it removed. Never eating eggplant again!