Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today I am listening to the "Oldies" station on LaunchCAST to expand my music horizons a bit. I can dig the Oldies style, '50s and '60s music. Paint it Black came on though and I thought that was weird. To me "Oldies" does NOT include The Rolling Stones. Stones are Classic Rock.

Do you like Oldies? What is your fave music genre?


wrestling kitties said...

I totally heart the oldies! 50's & 60's music was so simple but awesome & fun! Of course also a huge fan of the 80's!!

My favorite music genre is rock....but that includes classic, alternative, or any of those other categories of rock music they have out there! I am also a huge metal fan!! Really I like anything but current country or rap.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I have a REALLY weird preference for all things Motown. (Perhaps it was our proximity to Detroit, the Motor City...) Anywho - I love Smokey Robinson more than I should. As far as 50's and 60's do-wop - it was lovely, and fun... I just don't think I know any of the artists, just their songs.

Turtle Parade said...

I'll listen to just about anything - my collection includes everything from Frank Sinatra to System of a Down...

A. said...

If you are interested, I happen to own Malt Shop Memories! Yeah, that's right - 10 CDs of oldies! I have it all downloaded to my iTunes, I could easily burn the set ...

And, I agree, the Stones are classic rock.

I listen to a lot of genres, but I tend to hover the most around country, classic rock and 80s.

Anonymous said...

i luv the oldies!! me and the hubby are always singing them in the car.

some of my favs:
Runaround Sue
Crimson & Clover
Hooked on a Feeling
Mrs. Robinson
Build Me Up Buttercup