Monday, August 20, 2007

Iced Tea

Does it annoy anyone else when you see a sign for "Ice Tea?"
Don't they know it is "Iced Tea?" Poor grammar in advertisement
makes me totally insane.

What drives you nuts on billboards or signs?


A. said...

Misplaced apostrophes.



Two/Dos Pretzels said...

THAT would make me crazy, too.

Pretty much all of Mexico's signs in English drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Een, this is off topic, but I hate when people, like secret agent, say "I COULD care less," instead od Couldn't, because if you could, you would.

Iris Took said...

Thank you Anon (James W. I know this is you).

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, but my only problem with blogs are that people don't write enough stuff for me to completely stop working as long as I would like. I need more blogs, or need to start my own. I am only anonymous because I am not blog-savvy enough to create a name.

Anonymous said...

try working in the news business.

how can we be trusted to deliver the news when we can't even spell the city's name right?

These actually made air:

some people i work with are really good at making us look like idiots... and viewers notice. One called me last week to tell me something on the weather guy's forecast page was spelled wrong, and proceded to spell it correctly for me. Yeah, thanks.

Nora said...

In Florida, when they give you change at the store they say "37 cent." (are they only giving you back one coin?) Drives me nuts!

favorite misspelled sign I've seen:
"Pure bread Angus cows for sale"