Friday, August 17, 2007


I took a nap today and had a weird disturbing dream. Dream:
At work, a "client" came in and brought a huge newt in a cage and set it down by my desk. The newt was huge and nasty. It was writhing and hissing and had a generally mean disposition. It somehow escaped its cage and started coming after me. I, naturally, jumped up on my desk, only to have it follow me because this evil, huge, conniving newt could jump. It started biting my wrist and my wrist started bleeding every where. Somehow I get the newt by the tail and hurl it across the room. This villainous muther f*&cker, spins, turns around IN THE AIR, and comes flying back at me. Someone in the office grabs it and puts it back in its cage.

After things are settled down, someone else brings in a long-haired guinea pig that is this burnt-sienna color. This disgusting little thing also started following me to my desk and not only is it the color of crayon that no one wants, but it flips over and HAS UTTERS, SIX OF THEM. GROSS. Someone saved me again and picked up this milky little pig and put it back in its cage.

This dream really ruined my nap. I did not feel refreshed at all when I woke up.

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hsl said...

Utters in a dream would not leave me well rested either. GROSS.