Monday, August 27, 2007

Crazy Weather Pictures

I took these at the German American Festival
on Friday night right before we were told a funnel cloud was spotted.

Nature is pretty cool/scary.


hsl said...

You are a good photographer! Keep posting pictues.

A. said...

That's amazing. We were in Fremont and it didn't look quite that bad - I can't imagine!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

UNbelievable. WHAT in the world is going on with the weather patterns these days?!

Turtle Parade said...

Wow. You're pics are WAY better than mine! It was a crazy night.

Anonymous said...

i remember that storm... we got the same shit in michigan.

i got a shot of a double rainbow while going 70mph on the highway.

i could've died, but it was worth having such an awesome shot.

too bad i can't post it here!!