Monday, July 16, 2007

Wow Cow update...

Ok, I got the "scoop" on Wow Cow and here it is......there is no more. Don't freak out! Both Mr. Freeze locations have replaced Wow Cow with a product called "Frost" that has the exact same nutritional value and comes in multiple flavors. It is like if a restaurant starting serving Pepsi instead of Coke. I will be obtaining more information as the week goes on and will be posting results.

Here is how my first conversation with window girl #1 on McCord went:
Me: "Hi, is Wow Cow gone forever (slightly frantic and a bit sweaty)."
Her: "Yes (completely calm)."
Me: "Uh, is something else replacing it, I mean, I can't go the rest of my life without this stuff (alarmed and annoyed with her calmness)."
Her: "We have Frost. It is the same as Wow Cow but better."
Me: "How is it better? Does it come in fun flavors like our beloved Wow Cow (still a bit frantic)?"
Her: "(probably scared by now) It is creamier and does come in other flavors but I don't know what they are."
Me: "THANK GOD (causing a small scene)!!!!!!!!"


A. said...

Is Wow Cow no more or is Mr. Freeze's carrying of it no more?

On Saturday, I saw that the Jan's ice cream place on Central across from Wal-Mart has Wow Cow. I don't remember seeing the sign before. There's also a place in Waterville and another place in P'Burg that had it. I wonder if they switched too?

I'm skeptical of this Frost stuff! :-)

M said...

Hmmm...ok, I'll try it. But it better wow the heck out of me. I have yet to see different flavors, I've only seen vanilla and chocolate.

Did you try it when you were there?

M said...

Thanks for your investigative work!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

THIS is great news. Perhaps you need to look into a future as a CIA operative. You'd do fantastically.

TLC said...

i saw the sign at Jan's too. i wonder if Mr. Freeze isn't carrying it anymore because Jan's is?

Hmmm..I might have to try this "Frost" stuff....and to think I was just falling in love with Wow Cow. So sad....

hsl said...

Thank god!!!!

MD said...


M and I went to Mr. Freeze in the 'burd tonight and got an update. Apparently the replacement of Wow Cow was NOT the doing of the powers that be at Mr. Freeze. The Wow Cow people got bought out by another company that did away with the line and refused to carry it on any longer. Apparently they just wanted the other products that Wow Cow was making.

So there you have it. Do not take out any hostilities on the Freeze's, they're good folk after all.