Monday, July 16, 2007

Three sheets to the wind

This is an appropriate topic that represents my weekend well. We did get into a discussion and wondered, how did this saying start? I looked it up and it makes total sense:

The term "three sheets to the wind", meaning "staggering drunk", refers to a ship whose sheets have come loose, causing the sails to flap uncontrolled and the ship to meander at the mercy of the elements.
Awesome (and pirate-y).


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

TOTALLY pirate-y. FUN.

(After reading your post above, then this one, I must commend you on all of the informative tidbits you're providing your reading public. YOU are great. Like a little cute PSA.)

Anonymous said...

Well put. One other thought you know when someone says "he is my right hand man"...?? Who is the right hand man? Is he dirty or clean? I would have to say that mine is dirty. Is there a left hand man? And if so why is he so secondary to the right hand man? What is he like the retarded stepbrother that you keep in the basement? Think about it.


wrestling kitties said...

I LOVE these kinds of things!!! It is always fun hearing how these expressions started!!