Monday, July 16, 2007

Right-hand Man.....and controversy

The Radical Bradical (aka BJ) asked where right-hand man came from and here is what I found in Wikipedia:

"A right-hand man is a kind of assistant, male or female, relied upon heavily by another. The term comes from the importance of the right hand in performing tasks (since most people are right-handed). There is speculation that "right-hand man" also comes from the idea of a king with his advisor sitting on his right side, but there is little evidence supporting it."

This reminds me that I have been meaning to blog about how the world is run by right handed people and we south paws are totally in the minority. My favorite example of the moment is the "Pay at the Pump" illustration. This illustration makes no sense to me. Since I would use my left hand for the credit card, it would make sense that my left thumb is on the side with the strip. Therefore, I usually insert the card the incorrect way causing a "Damn it!" and a flip of the card.


hsl said...

I totally agree. But I love being a lefty!!!!

Jeremy and Kristin said...

I agree, I love being a lefty too. But it sucked in kindergarten when I had to use the 'green' left handed scissors when everyone else got to use the 'red' right handed scissors. Such discrimination!

MD said...

Left handedness is the mark of the race of Cain. Of this I am certain.