Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kickstart my heart......

Going to see Vince Neil at Toledo Harley Davidson tomorrow night.
Sadly, Tommy, Nikki, and Mick will not be joining.
However, he is going to sing all the Mötley Crüe songs so it will be a rock show.
Don't tell me you don't love Dr. Feelgood. What's your favorite Crüe song?


hsl said...

Is it bad I don't even know what songs they sing? I am sure I know them, but I can't think of any.

Anonymous said...

Besides the outrageous clothing, high heeled boots i'd die for and heavy makeup... i'm very partial

A. said...

I so wanted to go to this, but my regular music buddies are all busy. I'm jealous - have a great time!

P.S. I'd like to hear a little 'Without You' today.