Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ketchup Packets

Today I had french fries and they were amazing! I haven't had them in a long time and decided that I needed them today after late night of wedding festivities.

Now, it seems crazy to me that with the huge amount of fries they give you these days, that the ketchup packets are still so small. Why aren't the packets growing with the serving size of everything else? Ever ask for a TON of ketchup and you get 4 packets? How annoying. I really enjoy the pump out kind of dispenser (like at Arby's), but not all places have those.

I want to start a petition for "super size" ketchup packets. I am sure America would be on board with this. Also, ketchup is relatively low in calories and no fat (just sodium and sugar) so it is one of the lesser evil condiments.

Who will sign my petition? Who wants another condiment "new and improved?"


A. said...

I'm sure my husband would like Taco Bell to come out with a 'new and improved' version of their fire sauce. That boy could eat that stuff from the packet!

Lauren said...

I'm in. Heinz has a special place in my heart. Oh and P.S.-- Generic ketchup is AWFUL! Heinz is where it is at.