Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Harry Potter Jelly Beans

These are not new, but I saw them in Borders again yesterday.
Uh, nasty! Here are the flavors:

• Dirt • Vomit • Rotten Egg • Pickle • Sausage • Ear Wax • Earthworm • Soap • Black Pepper • Booger

I know kids love these, but how gross! Has anyone had these?


Turtle Parade said...

I had a family cookout two summers ago and bought four boxes of these for the four kids that were going to be over. I refused to taste anything but "pickle" which wasn't horrible.

They had a blast with them though, nearly every new person that walked into my backyard got bombarded by the kids trying to get them to eat one!

wrestling kitties said...

I had soap.....ICK! So gross!

TLC said...

oh, nasty.

M said...

Nasty. I'm curious to know how close they got to the actual item. That's what MAY tempt me to try one of them.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Gross. I have no idea why anyone would want those flavors in their mouth.