Monday, May 14, 2007

Road Trip!

Johnny and Audrey's wedding was beautiful and one of the best weddings I have ever attended. I have no pictures because I don' have a camera right now, but will post some once everyone emails them to me.

My great friend Jodi and I left Toledo on Friday morning at 5am for a 10ish hour car ride to Highlands, NC. Neither of us were looking forward to the drive, but we ended up having the absolute best time! We didn't get lost or have terrible weather or run out of gas or anything. Great! We think we saw a dead body on 75 S. Either that or some large animal was wearing a flannel shirt. Upsetting.

The drive south is really pretty. It gets greener and hillier as you go. We went through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina (almost to the South Carolina border). The roads get really windy (windy as in swervy, not windy like airflow) and fun although I did feel a little nauseous after we finally made it there.

The dinner on Friday night was dynamite. After a 10-hour drive, we showered and went to the dinner. It was open bar and southern BBQ (WARNING: NOT FOR VEGETARIANS)! Nothing could have been better than pulled pork sandwiches and beer at that point. The Inn at the Half Mile Farm was this amazing villa with cottages that were so cute and woodsy, but with the best amenities. It is like staying at a lake house with the plumbing of a hotel. Perfect.

The next day was wedding day and lots of prep in the am. I have actually never been a part of the whole "getting ready" scenario. I must say that women have a lot of work to do to get ready and into dresses. Audrey had her hairstylist and makeup artist there for the wedding party. Everyone looked great. PS I am not a bridesmaid, but I have many jobs. Description below.

We went to the church (it was raining) and it was time for my first really important job. I am the corset-lacer-upper (official term). I had gone with Audrey to learn how to do it last week at the dress shop. We lace her up and we are ready. She is stunning. Second really important job: Jodi and I are the official door openers for the Bride and her Dad. We pulled it off; no doors slammed and they opened without creaks. Whew. The ceremony was beautiful and Johnny looked so cute in his tux. They were both so happy and it showed. Now, my third extremely important job. After the newly-weds left the church and started the receiving line, I had to run and go get the official "wedding carriage" and pull it up to the front of the church so the Bride and Groom can be whisked away to the reception. The car of choice? Silver convertible mini-cooper stick shift. Awesome. The happy couple arrived to their reception to the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama" (their choice).

The fun continued as the reception started. Fabulous southern style grazing with fantastic cocktails. The cake looked so good I didn't think I could wait. The band was a 4 person ensemble that absolutely rocked our faces off. We danced and danced and danced. Moe sang her famous Mercedes Benz with the band.

Poor Jodi missed some of the reception because she was not feeling well. Jodi is extremely lactose intolerant so she must have been slipped a "milky." The next day we tried to figure out what Jodi ate to make her so sick. She couldn't figure it out. Later we were talking about the fantastic caprese salad they had at the wedding.
Jodi: "I had 3 helpings of that stuff! It was so great! I loved those little mushrooms in the tomatoes."
Me: "Mushrooms?"
Jodi: "Right, in the tomato salad."
Me: "Uh, those were little balls of mozzarella CHEESE!"
Jodi: "Well, I guess that could've done it."

We made it home and got to Toledo around 11pm last night. I am tired today but it was a fantastic weekend.


hsl said...

Oh my god, sounds so fun. I want to see pictures!!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

THAT was SUCH a great story. I loved the way you wrote it, it was like listening to it STRAIGHT from your lovely mouth.

SO great!

Glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

10 HOURS!?!