Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nadia knows Kung Fu

1) Ok, I am all about women fighting and kicking ass (think Uma Thurman in Kill Bill), but I just cannot believe that Nadia the 100-lb wonder could seriously take on a man twice her size. Either way, Doyle wants her.
2) Phillip Bauer is crazy, but a really good bad guy. I am excited to see the confrontation between Jack and his father. Let's hope Jack gets himself some therapy after this day though.
3) Since WHEN is the President of the United States going to negotiate with terrorists, let alone do what they say?
4) Since WHEN is it ok to lie to the Russian President. Between Logan and Daniels, I bet Suvarov is ready to bomb the whole country.
5) I feel really bad for Karen Hayes. She has to deal with pervy Tom Lennox and nasty Noah Daniels.
6) Excited to see Bill Buchanon next episode! Bill to the rescue!
7) How in the world are they going to wrap up this season in 2 more hours

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