Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Milo Pressman.....DECEASED

1) I screamed out loud when that a-hole shot Milo right in the head.
I mean, I knew it was coming and was really nervous, but what a shock.
Sad, Milo was a good guy. Remember him from season 1? We will remember you and your service to CTU and to our country.
2) Tom Lennox is a pervert. I think he is liking his surveillance job a little too much.
3) Nadia and Doyle totally want each other. Is anyone else annoyed with all the flirting and sex in this episode? Well I am. I want more gunfire.
4) Finally, we find Phillip Bauer. SCANDALOUS! Maybe Josh is Jack's kid.
5) Where are Wayne Palmer, Karen Hayes, and Logan?
6) How on earth is this going to wrap up in 2 episodes? The next two hours are going to be really explosive. Jack is going to go berserk.
7) Are we going to see any more of Audrey? They can't let that go so easily. I mean, after all that and Heller just takes her away? Jack better not end up with Marilyn; I will be so mad.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone with the time to do this much analysis of 24 should really consider working harder at their day-job, or at least consider the fact that you might be watching too much 24...or maybe not enough, if you're that confused...i'm not a scientist though.