Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grasshopper and French Vanilla

Are the flavors at McCord right now. Grasshopper is the best!
If you get the two swirled, it tastes like a Shamrock Shake.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fantastic!

The flavors in Pburg (as of last night anyway) are strawberry shortcake and banana.

That might be worth the trip.


TLC said...

how do you find out the flavors? every time i call...the phone just rings and rings!!!!

Iris Took said...

Sadly, it is because I go there almost every other day. I am obsessed.

TLC said...

LOL! Oh...well, that's a good way to do it too! :)

hls said...

YUM - If it is grasshopper and chocolate it would me like mint choc chip. That would be so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Here's why you're an idiot the flavor of shamrock shakes is in fact, vanilla. The only thing they do differently is add green food coloring...look it up!