Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I hit my first bucket of balls for the season the other night. It was great to get out and swing the clubs around again.

Do you golf?


Turtle Parade said...

Sure do! Went out a couple of weeks ago with Ry and a coupld friends. I did "okay"...but definitely need/want to go more often!

C said...

I love golf. Unfortunately my clubs are in T-Town. I'll have to bring them down soon.

KT said...

I've been attempting to golf for about 8 years. I definitely need to practice more though.

wrestling kitties said...

I putt putt and am very good at it if I do say so myself ;-)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

No. I'm awful.
However, I do have my own shoes & clubs. I'm always up for a scramble.

TLC said...

i used to be an OK golfer...I could drive well and put well..most of the time.

but i haven't golfed in 4 years. the last time i did, i was 6 months pregnant...damn near impossible to swing past a belly like that!

must pick up my clubs again soon. :)