Friday, May 4, 2007

The Dentist!

I went to a new dentist yesterday after being with the same one for, well, since I was 5. I have always been really proud of the fact that I have never had a cavity. Well, this new dentist found not one, but THREE cavities! I was so sad. The good news is that they are minor and will get filled with enamel colored stuff (not the gold or silver stuff). So, it would seem like my old dentist just didn't catch that much stuff. Either way, I am glad I have switched. Oh, and they gave me a little gift bag when I left (toothbrush, floss, and coupons for awesome toothpaste).


Lindsay said...

You might consider a second opinion before you let this dentist fill three cavities. There are dentists out there that like to "find things" to make money. My mom worked for a dentist for a short time that was doing this and that's when she found a new job.

So like you say either the old dentist wasn't finding things or the new one is trying to make easy money.

hsl said...

I had my first cavity this month too. It doesn't hurt that much to get it filled and you won't ever notice it. So don't worry!