Tuesday, May 22, 2007

24 Season closes

So, I was absolutely and totally disappointed at the last
two episodes of 24 last night. I cannot believe the season
ended like that. This was my least favorite season of 24.
Now, don't get me wrong, I still love it, but hopefully next
season will be better.
1) Jack and Bill Buchanon going renegade TOGETHER was
amazing! Buchanon is a stud and totally saved the day.
2) I do NOT like eye injury stuff, so the Doyle scene was
completely upsetting. I would rather get my leg cut off.
The Kill Bill scene upset me for a full year. No wonder I
had bad dreams last night.
3) Why was Milo's brother introduced and then he told
Nadia that Milo was in love with her and mysteriously
disappeared? That was weird.
4) Chloe and Morris are back together and having a baby
so that is good. Although I cannot imagine Chloe driving a
mini-van and attending Lamaze classes. Remember when she
had to take care of Chase's baby?
5) I am glad that Karen and Bill can retire in peace.
6) Noah Daniels is still a scum bag and I don't like him.
7) The end of the show was terrible. Jack and Heller's face
off and Jack saying goodbye to Audrey was terrible. Now
he is left with nothing. I was very depressed after the show
last night.
8) Phillip Bauer has a mullet and looked like a corpse walking.


Moey said...

I HATED it too...
This season sucked. It was full of things that never developed. Like Logan/Aaron/Martha STABBING Logan... did I miss an episode, or did they seriously not come back to that...?!?!
Philip Bauer's hair was terrible...
The ending was dumb...
They never said how President Palmer was doing...
Nothing was ever developed with Palmer's sister and that Arab guy...
I can't believe that Tom Lennox never got in trouble for almost assisting with the explosion of the president... and what ever happened to rob lowe's brother?
The season started out so awesome... and then new writers... who have NEVER seen or heard of or understand how 24 works must have taken over and locked keifer sutherland in a closet and finished the show....
What a waste of my DVR time.
I might not watch it next year...
I'm serious

Wrona-love in rhinestones said...

I agree with both of you about the season ending pretty craptastically but I am still going to have to call BULLSHIT on Moe not watching next season! Let me guess, you're not going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean either?!?

Keather said...

I am actually sort of pissed that there wasnt some twist with Jack's nephew and I 100% with the slimy Logan stabbing. I do not think my palms sweat more than twice this season and I usually get stressed each episode. I am holding out for next year...